BATS is a user friendly GUI software for Bayesian analysis of Time Series microarray experiments. It implements a truly functional fully Bayesian approach which allows an user to automatically identify differentially expressed genes and to estimate† their expression profiles.

BATS-Simulations enables an user to generate and save synthetic data and to analyze them on-the-fly with any of the three methods provided in the software.

BATS-Analysis allows an user to apply the Bayesian functional approach to analize either synthetic or real data-set.

BATS-Analysis constitutes the most important feature of the software from a biologistís point of view

Datasets should be provided in the specific BATS-input format.

BATS-Utilities provide a set of additional procedures which help an user to process or inspect the input and the output files.

BATS Description

A user friendly software for Bayesian Analysis of Time Series Microarray Experiments.

Bayesian Analysis for Time Series

Microarray Experiments