Casella di testo: Installation instructions for Windows users

If you do not have Matlab or your Matlab component Runtime is not compatible you have to follow the whole instructions,  otherwise you can skip to step 4. 

For obtaining code for different platforms or to report any problem during the installation process please contact the authors at bats at

Bayesian Analysis for Time Series

Microarray Experiments

A user friendly software for Bayesian Analysis of Time Series Microarray Experiments.

6) Anytime you want to use BATS you just have to run the file BATS.exe.

You may want to create a shortcut to this file on the desktop or in your Applications Menu.

5) Run BATS.exe (the first time it will take some time since it has to setup the program).

4) Download and unzip the folder (current version is 1_0).

In the  new folder you will find an executable file called BATS.exe.

3) Run the MCRInstaller.exe and follow the installation instructions to the end.

2) Unzip the folder; you will see in the unzipped folder a file called MCRInstaller.exe, which is a self-extracting MATLAB Component Runtime library utility. This file is platform-dependent and it must correspond to the end user's platform.

1)  Download the additional file

Note that this file is relatively large but it allows you to run the software without having Matlab on your PC.  Unless specific problems, you need to download it only on the first installation of BATS.

Note that if on the first time you  run of the program BATS.exe this message is displayed, then it means you need to perform steps 1-3 (i.e., you need to install the appropriate Matlab component runtime)

and BATS software will automatically start

 In BATS_verX_X a new folder will be created

Or you may check from the Control Panel / Adding and Removing applications if you have the appropriate version installed