Casella di testo: Installation instructions for Linux users

If you do not have Matlab or your Matlab component Runtime is not compatible you have to follow the whole instructions, otherwise you can skip to step 3

For obtaining code for different platforms or to report any problem during the installation process please contact the authors at bats at

Bayesian Analysis for Time Series

Microarray Experiments

A user friendly software for Bayesian Analysis of Time Series Microarray Experiments.


1. Download the additional file lib.tar.gz. This file is relatively large but you only need to download it if you do not have MATLAB or your MATLAB Component Runtime is not compatible with the version indicated on the accompanying documentation of BATS. Unzip the files into the final destination directory (for example /home/username/lib).

2. Download and unzip the folder BATS_ver_X_X.tar.gz where you prefer to keep the program folder (for example /home/username/bats).

3. In this folder, run the script first followed by the library path every time that you want to launch BATS. This shell script can be run to temporarily set environment paths and execute the application. Alternatively you can Add the lib root directory to the environment variable by issuing the following commands:








setenv XAPPLRESDIR <lib_root>/X11/app-defaults




1. To make theses changes persistent after logout on UNIX machines, modify the .cshrc file to include this setenv command.

2. It is possible to run the shell script file on UNIX instead of setting environment variables.